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Letter: Jack Schofield obituary

Gary Osborne
·1-min read
<span>Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian</span>
Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

Jack Schofield and I struck up a correspondence back in the early days of computing in the UK as he used the email system run by the company I worked for, Apricot Computers.

Jack’s email ID was simply JET045, this being long before the world wide web. Working in R&D I was responsible for part of this system and we often exchanged notes about technology and the way it was covered, often very perceptively, sometimes naively, by Jack and his fellow journalists.

His emails would always come through after midnight and though I suspect they were sent using a timer I used to imagine him sitting by the keyboard late in the evening. He was always knowledgable, friendly and fair when commenting on the fads and fashions of our industry in a time when Britain had a briefly (as too often) world-leading computer sector.