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Linton Capital announces completion of further investment into JOE Media following an increase of Social Media Platform revenues of over 500%

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LONDON, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Linton Capital LLP announces that it has today completed a further investment into the Irish and UK entities of the Greencastle Media Group that together operate the JOE Media business in UK and Ireland. 

The Greencastle Media Group business is led by Group CEO, John Quinlan, and is a group of social first media publishers, including JOE Media which is particularly well known for political and sports coverage.  JOE Media has gone from strength to strength, with a near doubling of revenues in 2021 and continued strong performance in 2022 notably in revenue growth from social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Tik Tok) which have increased by over 500% YOY.

The newly invested funds will be used to support continued growth and a programme, already underway, to re-allocate resources to the area of social media content production which is showing the strongest revenue growth, and to continue the long term plan to centralise support functions from the Irish and UK operations which has been underway for the last 12 months.

David Sefton, Managing Partner of Linton Capital LLP, commented: “It is a tribute to the entire team at Greencastle Media Group that they have developed key brands with extraordinary reach and impact whilst also delivering significant revenue growth.  The prospects for the business remain excellent, and will be further helped by the reallocation of resources to focus on revenue growth from the social media platforms.  We are very confident that our further investment in GMG and JOE Media will prove successful and profitable”.

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