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Liquidity Mining 2.0: 0x_nodes Launches a New, Improved Cross-Chain Liquidity Mining Platform

·4-min read
0x Nodes
0x Nodes

New platform makes it easy for new crypto investors: Featuring a build-your-own-strategy approach, a simple interface, and a high APY with optimal security

REYJKAVIK, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 0x_nodes (, the liquidity platform for easily generating high APY returns, across any blockchain (even those you don’t own any assets on) with minimal gas fees, today announced the launch of its new and improved platform that further simplifies the experience for users. The 0x_nodes protocol, built as a simple entry point into liquidity mining for new and advanced crypto users, delivers the same high-level APYs, with much more simplified protocols and optimal security. Liquidity mining is a process in which crypto holders lend assets to a decentralized exchange in return for rewards. These rewards commonly stem from trading fees that are accrued from traders swapping tokens. It is an essential part of providing liquidity to the Defi environment, allowing even newbie crypto investors to gain high-yield, passive income.

On 0x_nodes, users stake native assets of the protocol’s supported blockchains to earn native asset rewards. Users employ 0x_nodes’ build-your-own-strategy approach to choose from a variety of investment strategies to stake their assets. The system then deploys user funds to the underlying investment strategies in batches, resulting in cost savings.

“0x_nodes is ideal for creating an interest-bearing portfolio where the APY% is represented in base assets (that is, without conversion to USD), eliminates the temporary “impermanent” loss, and allows for additional yield to be generated,” said “owl,” founder of 0x_nodes. “We make it easy to maximize returns so portfolios can balance out in response to market movements, therefore cutting loss.”

The protocol provides sustainable yields through its innovative auto pooling technology that finds and distributes liquidity according to its highest performance. The protocol periodically distributes rewards back to the users as claimable native assets and provides users with the option of automatically reinvesting yield. Users can also stake the $BIOS token to earn rewards in the form of native assets, across six different blockchains.

0x_nodes aims to be the Bloomberg terminal of DeFi, by offering an easy-to-use platform for managing yield-bearing synthetic assets with high performing APY%, while also having liquid markets. 0x_nodes makes it easy to manage multiple accounts across chains, allowing users to build derivative financial instruments. The ultimate goal is to enable 0x_nodes users to aggregate available yield from multiple sources while also mitigating, and offloading risk.

With traditional DeFi platforms, there’s no cross-chain interface that allows free exchange of native assets between non-native environments, which means users have to move assets from the Ethereum mainnet to remote chains for deployment–– a process that is slow, expensive, requires constant education and results in lost opportunities. 0x_nodes, on the other hand, is a one-stop shop for drawing yield from numerous decentralized exchanges and blockchains in one place.

0x_nodes’ technology is a set of modularized smart contracts that allow for rapid development and easy deployment of new features, allowing the protocol to adapt to market conditions. The protocol supports over ten DEX integrations, and its protocol is deployed on six blockchains, with their own cross-chain relayer. 0x_nodes encourages users to leverage its open source community, open-source development, easy integration, and upgrades of its underlying technology.

0x_nodes also offers partnerships through chain launches and deep multi-protocol integration, making liquidity easy without compromising security. As well, 0x_nodes is audited by halborn, an award-winning, elite cybersecurity company for blockchain organizations.

Built by a team of entrepreneurs who have worked in traditional technology, web, and internet technologies for 10-20+ years, 0x_nodes is upgrading the standard for liquidity mining protocols and will soon offer cross-chain yield aggregation and cross-chain portfolio viewing.

To easily connect a wallet and get started, please visit

About 0x_nodes
0x_nodes is a cross-chain liquidity platform that provides secure synthetic asset movements between blockchains - enabling broader yield aggregation strategies for Defi users. 0x_nodes technology provides seamless value transfer between blockchains by using a core mesh network between EVM ecosystems, bridging the EVM network with external blockchain networks. This unidirectional yield aggregation pulling from EVMs to the mainnet provides new opportunities for yield, while also simplifying the experience for the end-user. To learn more about 0x_nodes visit

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CONTACT: Media Contact: 0xnodes (at) Company Contact: team (at)

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