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Little boy has hilarious reaction to parents’ Thanksgiving turkey prank: ‘We can’t stop laughing’

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One of the great joys of parenting is being able to mess with your kids — in a harmless way, of course!

A mom and dad played a hilarious trick on their son last Thanksgiving, and the funny footage quickly went viral.

The parents knew exactly what they were doing when they asked the kid a very tough question about their uncooked turkey. 

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“We can’t stop laughing,” TikToker @natashafelch captioned the video. 

The father and son were prepping the raw poultry in the kitchen sink by removing the giblets. 

“Just tell me if it’s a boy or a girl turkey,” the mom instructed her son. 

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“Look on the inside,” she told him

“I can’t tell. I don’t know what the difference is,” the boy said

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Then his father pulled the neck out of the inside of the turkey. The son retched in disgust and ran away. The mom and dad immediately started to crack up. 

“Is that his ding-dong-wala-wala-bing-bong?” the son asked

The two parents completely lost it with their laughter before the video sharply cut off.

“Oh my god, my mom and dad did this to me. I had the same reaction,” someone said

“I literally can’t breathe. His reaction killed me with laughter,” another wrote

“Best gender reveal all year long,” a person joked

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