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UK-wide power cut: Major outage affected trains, airports and traffic signals

A Train belonging to London Underground pulling into a Tube Station in London, United Kingdom. 26 May 2019. (Photo by Vernon Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A major power outage has caused chaos to transportation across the United Kingdom.

Airports, trains, tube lines, local subway stations and traffic signals were affected by the unprecedented outage.

U.K. Power Networks said there are aware of a power cut affecting large parts of London and South East.

They believed the cause to be due to a failure on National Grid's network.

26,000 homes in parts of north west England, near Liverpool, and 100,000 homes in the north east, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne were were without power. There was also reported disruption to transport networks.

Parts of Scotland were also affected with news outlets reporting that traffic signals across the city of Glasgow not working.

The power outage happened during the Friday evening rush-hour commute. Police officers were at underground stations calming down infuriated commuters.