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Get the look: 18 shoppable ideas to steal from this fabulous London home

get the look shoppable home
18 shoppable ideas from this fabulous London homeBrent Darby/ House Beautiful

This fabulous London home is a masterclass in using dark colours in a warm and inviting way, providing plenty of inspiration on how to decorate with cheerful pinks – and just wait until you see the hanging egg chair.

A healthy mix of high street and high-end is used throughout, and the space is peppered with vintage finds, and unique and personal mementos. Here, we take a tour of the house and identify 18 shoppable finds within it.

A characterful living room

get the look vic white shoppable home ideas
Brent Darby/ House Beautiful

Dark walls are a wonderful and bold choice for a living room. The crisp white ceiling and window frames provide great contrast, whilst the wall panelling adds a bit of depth and some lovely highlights and shadows – a clever design device that prevents dark colours from looking flat.


There are interesting details wherever you look – the ikat cushions and mismatched bolster, a smart painted radiator and vintage posters, whilst the sweet bear coffee table is a welcome and playful surprise.

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An industrial kitchen

get the look vic white shoppable home ideas
Brent Darby/ House Beautiful

Industrial kitchens can be quite stark owing to their strict lines and cold materials. You can offset this with a dose of colour or, in this instance, with lots of contrasting textures. Here, you can count steel, wood, a heavily veined marble, ceramic tiles and some lovely ceramics.

If you want to mimic this look and especially if you're after black kitchen cabinets, make sure to keep them all below eye line. Black overhead cabinets can weigh down a room, whereas these glossy tiles have the great effect of brightening and bouncing light around the kitchen.

A vintage-inspired bathroom

get the look vic white shoppable home ideas
Brent Darby/ House Beautiful

This bathroom really makes the most of the architectural features in the home – what a treat to have a fireplace next to a bath.

The peachy pink paint on the walls is always a good choice wherever you have dark woods present and the brightening brass is a nice complement. There is a lovely lesson here too in mixing warm and cool colours – the floor is a cool grey, no doubt to blend seamlessly with the fireplace, whilst everything above is warm.

A dark reading nook

get the look vic white shoppable home ideas
Brent Darby/ House Beautiful

This corner feels busy and lived-in and welcoming – precisely the tone you want to set in a reading nook.

There is some debate – even within the House Beautiful styling team – about organising a bookshelf. Do you colour coordinate your books, or leave them to pile up as they please, and should you arrange by height or allow a bit of an artful mess? This bookshelf presents a bit of a happy medium, and looks relaxed and inviting as a result.

A pink bedroom corner

get the look vic white shoppable home ideas
Brent Darby/ House Beautiful

This is one of our favourite features in this fabulous home. A hanging egg chair is more often used in a garden, but we love that this one has migrated to a bedroom corner. There are slight boho references here in the rattan material, faux sheepskin, paisley quilt and frothy green plant.

This bedroom continues a clever paint technique used throughout the home. The wall colour – here a lovely cheerful pink – stops just short of the ceiling moulding and the crisp white paint on the ceiling extends down by around 30cm. This is a little bit of visual trickery to make the ceilings look higher, and very achievable in your own home.

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