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Lotus Biscoff ice cream cake is coming

Jade Bremner
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<p>Iceland’s Lotus Biscoff ice cream cake</p> (Iceland/Lotus Biscoff)

Iceland’s Lotus Biscoff ice cream cake

(Iceland/Lotus Biscoff)

The versatile Lotus Biscoff will soon be available in ice cream cake form this March.

This is a big deal for fans of the historic Belgium snack, which dates back to 1932. During the pandemic, the UK has gone wild for Lotus Biscoff cake baking, we have followed delicious Biscoff millionaire shortbread recipes, and some of us have even added these delights to our pancakes and milkshakes. Just in time for Spring and Summer, we can try ice cream cake flavoured with Lotus Biscoff.

The ice cream cake will be similar to a Walls Viennetta, but instead, it has a distinctive Lotus Biscoff crunch and caramel spread, rather than chocolate.

It’s a “viral-sensation-in-waiting,” said an Iceland spokesperson to The Independent, “it’s a triple whammy of Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream swirls, Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Spread and crispy chocolate layers; finally it is topped with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces to really up the Biscoff ante!”

One food critic called it a “masterpiece of velvety dairy ice cream paired with crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuits and the original caramelised biscuit spread!" wrote Instagram’s Foodie News and Reviews.

The hybrid Biscoff cold dessert serves six, and will be available exclusively on Iceland and The Food Warehouse shelves. It will go on sale on 24 March. The retail price is £3 (650ml).

This is not the only new ice cream to get excited about this season, Aldi has launched a range of mini Viennese ice cream bars on sticks to be released for Easter weekend. Other new desserts on Aldi’s shelves include Easter puddings, Oozy Egg Trifle and Egg-cellent Chocolate Eggs.

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