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Man enraged after discovering girlfriend’s financial secret: ‘This is a huge red flag’

Emerald Pellot
·2-min read

A woman is confused about her boyfriend’s outburst after he made a discovery about her home. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” for help to sort through the matter. Her boyfriend of eight months recently moved into her house with her. When he found out the home was in her mother’s name he became furious. She tried to explain the situation but he accused her of being a liar and left. 

“He moved into my house as he was renting an apartment before he moved in,” she explained. “Last week a piece of mail with my mother’s name on it came from the city. He asked why my mom was getting mail from the city. I said it must have something to do with the city. He asked why my mom would be receiving things from the city (she lives three hours away). I told him that it’s because the house was in her name.”

The boyfriend did not take this information well and immediately blew up on her. 

“He’s mad at me, saying that I lied to him about my finances and place in life,” she wrote. “He went out and hadn’t answered any calls/texts. I don’t think I did anything wrong here. I paid the down payment, I pay the mortgage, I pay all the bills. This is my house. I have the credit to buy a house in my name if I wanted. It is in my mom’s name for my protection due to an incident that he knows about. Before he moved in I explained that this was my house and his name wasn’t going on anything and he was fine with that. My mom refers to the house as mine and if I sell the house any monies made go to me. I tried to explain all of this to him, but he called me a liar and left.”

Reddit users found the boyfriend’s behavior to be suspicious. 

“This is a huge red flag. He has some pretty bad intentions regarding you and your property,” one user speculated.

“Definitely sounds like he’s more interested in her assets than her as a person,” another said

“You’re not even engaged and he’s obsessed with your financials?” someone commented

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