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Man feels ‘betrayed’ when girlfriend doesn’t ‘abandon her dream’ for him on vacation

A boyfriend is mad his girlfriend wouldn’t cancel her dream hike to accommodate him.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. He and his girlfriend planned a trip to the Grand Canyon so she could cross a hike off her bucket list. Before the big hike, they did a smaller one but it left him exhausted.

“I’m not a fit as her. I finished but I couldn’t go the other hike aka the dream hike of hers,” he explained.

The day of, he told her he wasn’t going on the big hike because he needed to recover. She decided to go alone, with the caveat that if he wanted to go the next day, she would go again with him.


“I got mad because I felt like she was ok with abandoning me with nothing to do at her campsite,” he said.

He felt like “she didn’t care” and that he was too tired and should have prioritized him over the activity.

Redditors felt like the girlfriend had every right to go on the hike.

“You really expected her to just abandon her dream now that it was right there in front of her?” a user wrote.

“You don’t get to tell her how important her hiking should be to her,” another said.

“You must be awfully proud of yourself to think that a benign thing like going on a hike alone because you aren’t up to it is a betrayal,” someone commented.

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