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'Sinister': Man kills wife with cyanide at hospital; booked a month later

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A man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly killing his wife by injecting cyanide solution into her drip bottle while she was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Gujarat's Ankleshwar town nearly a month ago, police said.

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        The crime, which was committed by the accused as a result of marital discord, came to light on the basis of a forensic report received by the police on Friday, nearly a month after victim Urmila Vasava (34) died while undergoing treatment for chest pain, an Ankleshwar city police station official said.

        The FSL report established that Vasava died as cyanide was injected into her body, which the police said was procured by her husband Jignesh Patel from the factory in Ankleshwar, where he worked.

        As per the case details, Patel had married Vasava some seven years ago, but their love marriage was marred by discord. On the morning of July 8, the victim complained of chest pain and was taken to the private hospital.

'When the victim was undergoing treatment, the accused stealthily took out a cyanide tablet and made a solution out of it. He then injected the solution into the drip bottle attached to her using a syringe when the doctors and other hospital staff were not present there,' the police official said.

        The victim died soon after the solution entered her body, and the police then lodged a case of accidental death, he added.

Speaking to The Indian Express, VN Rabari, police inspector, Ankleshwar city police station, said, “The accused was arrested for murder a month after the FSL report came out. He had injected the cyanide solution when there was no doctor or nurse present in patient’s room.”

        With the report received from the forensic sciences laboratory (FSL) establishing the cause of death to be cyanide, police registered a case of murder against Patel under section 302 of the IPC on Saturday before arresting him, the official said. 

(Inputs from PTI, Indian Express)

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