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Man discovers unusual connection between him and his Tinder match: 'When's the wedding?'

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A modern meet-cute worthy of a blockbuster rom-com is going viral on Twitter

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As a dog owner looked for love on Tinder, he made a startling discovery: The woman he was talking with on the app turned out to be the person he adopted his dog from. He shared the bizarre coincidence on Twitter under his handle @JimNo1871. The story quickly won over people’s hearts on social media. 

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“Been chatting to this girl on Tinder for the past few days. Only turns out that I adopted her Labrador a few years ago,” @JimNo1871 wrote in a tweet. 

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The text messages he posted start with the woman noting that her old dog was also a black Labrador named Onyx. The two then began to put the details together. 

“He was unfortunately put up for adoption in 2018 when I was like 17,” she explained. “Don’t think I’ve ever been so upset in my whole life. He was the best. If it was my choice, definitely wouldn’t have let him go.” 

Then he responded, “I’ve had Onyx that long.” 

The thread went viral on August 24 with 151,000 likes on Twitter. 

“Take the dog on the date for the love of god,” a user responded

“Who would you like to star as you when they make this into a Hollywood romance movie?” another said

“That dog brought y’all together, so when’s the wedding?” a person commented

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On August 27, @JimNo1871 shared photos from his first date with the woman. Of course, he brought Onyx with him. 

“Many tears, some great memories and one very happy dog,” he said

“Onyx, unfortunately, didn’t remember her at first but you could see that there was something there by the end of it. We’ll see each other regularly too,” he wrote in another tweet. 

While there haven’t been any updates since the first date, judging from the photos it does appear the trio bonded over their unique story. 

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