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Man slammed online after setting ‘baffling’ rules for his girlfriend: ‘You’re just jealous’

Emerald Pellot
·3-min read

A young couple is quarreling over a 14-year-old cat.

A 25-year-old boyfriend went on Reddit’s “Am I The A******” forum to find out if he was wrong for demanding his girlfriend behave more calmly around his cat.

“I have an elderly 14-year-old cat who has been with me his entire life. […] Our connection is really special,” he said. “When my girlfriend moved in, she wanted very much to befriend my cat but I made it clear that it is always going to be my cat and she agreed and understood what I meant.”

He told her to take things slow with the animal as not to stress it out.

“First, she just started buying cheap toys,” he explained. “I told her clearly my cat does not play and never has, he just sleeps, but she insisted he might still want the option… like, okay, I guess. It’s morphed into something weird. Now in the night when we come home from work we greet the cat but she has trained my cat to do weird things after he sees her. Like, for example, they play a ‘stalking game’ where they hide around corners from each other and sneak up. And sometimes she literally (a grown woman) runs over the apartment and leaps onto the couch and the cat chases.”

He said she also scratches the cat’s head fast but believes the cat prefers head pats. The boyfriend claims the playing is bad for the cat because it is too old. Moreover, all the running around is causing it to lose weight which means the cat now requires more food. He also said hearing his girlfriend run around with the cat is “annoying.”

“So I drew a hard line and basically said she can either learn to be calm and normal around pets or else stay away from the cat entirely,” he said. “She got really angry in response and now is mostly ignoring me today.”

But Reddit was not on the boyfriend’s side at all. He was quickly declared the a******.

“It’s honestly baffling how upset you are that your girlfriend is getting along with your cat and even getting them to engage in play,” one user commented.

“It seems like the cat is perfectly fine and you’re just jealous,” another said.

“It sounds like these are things you don’t like. Cats need stimulation and exercise and it sounds like you never provided that,” a person wrote.

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