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Manager of chefs at Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana explains how to Make authentic Italian pizza at home with or without a pizza oven

Rudy's Pizza Napoletana (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)
Rudy's Pizza Napoletana (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)

“It’s all about the passion for pizza, the love of it,” said Lorenzo Floris, 30, who manages all the chefs across Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana’s 19 pizzerias.

Lorenzo was brought up in Italy working at his uncle’s pizzeria before moving to the UK and working at Rudy’s which has branches in Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester.

He said: “We use the best ingredients including tomatoes, flour and cheese so that we don’t need to add much else to the base, the sauce or toppings. It’s all simple but good quality and everything is made fresh.

Rudy's Pizza Napoletana (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)
Rudy's Pizza Napoletana (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)

“For this reason, my favourite pizza is a simple Margherita when it's done well.”

Other classics originating from Naples include Marinara and Calabrese.

The bases are made fresh using double fermented dough at Rudy’s with enough room around the edge of the pizza for the crust to crunch in the oven.

At Rudy’s, pizzas only take 60 seconds in the stone oven which is housed in the trademark open kitchen in the restaurants.

Great British Bakeoff's Karen Wright (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)
Great British Bakeoff's Karen Wright (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)

But for those with home pizza ovens or indeed a standard oven, times may vary.

Home cook and Great British Bake Off Star Karen Wright said “the hotter the oven the better,” when it comes to getting your oven pizza ready.

Karen, from Wakefield - who has just travelled Europe in a motorhome to create her Meals on the Move cookbook - used a frying pan to make a pizza with a wrap base or she uses her handy portable pizza oven which takes five minutes to cook a pizza with dough base included.

“When it comes to making an authentic pizza there’s no soggy bottom in sight, it’s light with a crunch and super tasty,” said Karen who tested out pizzas while travelling in Italy.

Rudy's Pizza Napoletana (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)
Rudy's Pizza Napoletana (Photo: Sophie Mei Lan Malin)

She added that when moving a pizza from surface to oven a large flat fish slice can do the job.

Karen said: “Make sure you roll out the dough so it’s nice and thin, before putting your toppings on.”

Similarly to Rudy’s pizza Karen also said that the crust should slightly burn in places and be nice and crispy and light.

For this reason, Lorenzo, who consumes up to ten pizzas “on a good week,” said this is why at Rudy’s they slice the pizza and then “to eat it we fold the middle in as it’s really delicate”.

But if you’d rather not put in the effort, Rudy’s has launched their lockdown initiative - bake at home pizzas. Hand-made by Rudy’s pizzaioli using the same fresh double fermented dough and Neapolitan ingredients as used in their pizzerias. Rudy’s Bake At Home is now available for nationwide delivery.

The menu highlights for Rudy’s Bake At Home include its signature Calabrese with spicy ‘nduja sausage; the classic Margherita; the meaty Carni with salame finocchiona, salame picante and wild boar salame, and the ever popular Portobello.

Customers simply follow the instructions on the packaging to pre-heat their oven to 220°C/430°F, drizzle a little olive oil, pop their pizza in the oven directly onto the middle shelf then bake for 7 minutes. Rudy’s Bake At Home is best enjoyed when it’s piping hot.