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Martha Stewart's Favorite Pizza Toppings Are Just As Fancy As She Is

Martha Stewart smiling
Martha Stewart smiling - Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Everyone who loves pizza has their favorite pizza toppings (unless you're just fine with a plain pizza) to garnish their pie with. There is such a range of ingredients to top off your pizza with that it's always interesting learning what other folks like to layer on top of their own. Well, if you've ever wondered what Martha Stewart's favorite pizza topping is, you finally have your answer. Stewart shared with the Food Network, "Petits pois. Beautiful, tiny green peas and a good, creamy mozzarella cheese and maybe a little bit of ricotta underneath it all."

Petits pois (or sweet petite peas) are peas that have been picked before they've fully matured, which makes them considerably smaller, sweeter, and more tender than ordinary garden peas. The combination of the sweet petits pois, creamy mozzarella, and spongey, mild-flavored ricotta gives Martha Stewart's pizza a unique and complex flavor profile. However, petits pois might be the most distinctive ingredient on Stewart's pizza.

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You Can Easily Top Off Your Pizza With Petit Pois

Pizza with Petits pois topping
Pizza with Petits pois topping - JumiaFoodMA / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

If you think topping off pizza with peas is odd, you should know that peas are actually one of the beloved weird pizza toppings that you're likely to find on pizza in Brazil. It's possible that Martha Stewart picks her petits pois from her vegetable garden near her winter house when she's ready to enjoy some pizza. Stewart wrote about her garden on The Martha Blog, stating, "In another center bed, along this trellis we put up, are lots of peas – one section for shelling peas, which need to be removed from their pods before eating." But if you want to try Stewart's special pizza topping, you can probably find petits pois at your local grocery store instead of growing your own, which will still provide you with the freshest pea flavor to add to your pizza.


Shelled peas that are newly picked can actually lose their sweetness pretty fast. However, you can buy frozen petits pois at a grocery store or supermarket, which will have the sweet flavor of freshly picked peas because they've been blanched and flash-frozen to preserve that sweet flavor. Since petits pois can defrost easily, you can actually toss them right on top of your fresh, hot pizza and allow the warmth of the pizza to thaw them when you're ready to eat.

Martha Stewart Also Has Favorite Burger Toppings

Martha Stewart eating burger
Martha Stewart eating burger - marthastewart48 / Instagram

Like pizza, burgers are another one of those comfort foods that you can level up with all kinds of unconventional burger toppings. Martha Stewart has a list of her favorite toppings that she likes to pack between two buns along with her burgers. The first of which includes a few cheeses. Stewart told the Food Network, "I like Swiss cheese; I like American cheese, melted onto the burgers."

Some folks like one particular condiment to top off their burgers. But Stewart layers a few condiments on her burgers to give them extra flavor. Steward listed both French mustard and ketchup among those she enjoys. There's another common topping that Stewart puts on her burgers, but there's a special way that she likes it made. Stewart explained that she enjoys relish on her burgers, but specifically the homemade variety. And like all burger lovers, Stewart enjoys topping hers off with, "Lettuce [and] a slice of really good ripe tomato." So now you have it -- even the famous Martha Stewart enjoys burgers and pizza just like the rest of us. Her version just might be a bit elevated.

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