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Matt Tarrant Releases Video on How to Increase Website Traffic

Charnwood, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Charnwood, England -

Charnwood, England - Matt G Tarrant, a digital marketer based in Loughborough, England, has released a video on YouTube that offers a unique but simple method for increasing website traffic. The problem with many strategies used to gain more traffic for a website is that they try to trick Google’s algorithm but Google employs a large number of professionals with PhDs who are likely to find the loophole being taken advantage of and shut it down. On the other hand, writing content, which is the accepted and traditional way of gaining website traffic, is costly in terms of both money and time, and the website may not exactly rank for what the business is aiming for. More about this can be gleaned from

The video explains that the solution is simply to give what Google expects instead of trying to cheat the algorithm. And the reward is a 57 percent increase in traffic by simply leveraging that work that has already been done for pages that already rank on Google although not yet on the top page of the search results. Matt Tarrant calls it the “FAQ Traffic Magnet.” A case study that was done by Matt Tarrant showed a 57 percent increase in traffic when using this method.

The first step is to identify those three highest ranking keywords that are not even mentioned on the web page. These keywords are those that are implied by the content on the web page although the exact keywords are not specifically mentioned. For instance, the content is about investments that have low risk but “low risk investments” are not actually mentioned. But it turns out that “low risk investments” is one of the three highest ranking keywords for that page. The technique is to construct a question about “low risk investments” in the same way that frequently asked questions or FAQs are presented. Three FAQ questions are added to the bottom of the page and each of these questions are provided with answers. And the good thing about this technique is that one can even search online for such FAQ questions and find the appropriate answer although it is important not to copy and paste but state the answer in one’s own words.

Matt Tarrant advises the site owner to do the above-mentioned strategy for every web page that they want to rank higher on Google. It is also important to remember that the effect will not be instant and will actually take a while for the page to improve its ranking. It is advisable go through the pages of a website and find those that need to rank higher and then do the technique for those pages. It is also important to revisit each page every month, and then every three months and see how they are doing and check for additional keywords that may be added to the FAQs.

Over time as more keywords and questions and answers are added for each of these pages, an increase in traffic will be seen as these FAQs attract people looking for answers to their questions. Google notices this and in return sends more traffic to the site by increasing the rank of the web pages for those keywords. And the amazing thing is that those keywords are not even specifically mentioned in the articles on the page and perhaps they are keywords that the site owner had not even thought of.

Matt Tarrant had demonstrated a unique ability with regards to marketing while he had worked in various companies such that he was able to turn around a company he had worked for, which was then losing money. And he was able show that it was not just a mere fluke by doing it again the following year by enabling the company to double its predicted net profit. He later demonstrated his ability to establish online businesses with average success. Currently, he is focused on creating profit machines for various entrepreneurs.

Those who are interested in knowing more about Matt Tarrant’s method of increasing website traffic can check out the Matt G Tarrant Marketing + Coaching website or contact them via the telephone or by email.


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