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Meghan Trainor announces her second pregnancy - after opening up about terrifying birth experience

Meghan Trainor is expecting her second child.

In a photo shared to Instagram by Meghan, 29 and her husband, Daryl Sabara, 30, the singer, pouts at the camera alongside a selection of ultrasound photos. Short but sweet, the caption reads, ‘BABY #2 COMING THIS SUMMER @darylsabara.’

The Made You Look singer also shared a TikTok video titled the ‘moment I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2,’. In the clip, she is visibly emotional as she holds her pregnancy test up to the camera.

Meghan – who dreams of having four kids – has been experiencing plenty of pregnancy symptoms.

She said: ‘I got them right away with this baby. I got red perioral dermatitis all over my face- so that’s been fun with makeup – and popped early and was very nauseous. I was sick, my boobies were aching. This one was a ride. It was a rocky ride, but luckily it was during the holidays, so I could just chill and lay down. I pee every 20 minutes, and I’m fully out of breath just from talking. It’s great.’

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Meghan Trainor and her husband Darryl are expecting their second childCBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

The couple’s first child, Riley, was born in February 2021 after a difficult and dangerous birth. He was born breech and Meghan required an emergency C-section, something which still haunts her.

She told People magazine that it left her with PTSD, describing how she had flashbacks of the C-section at night as she tried to fall asleep.

Adding to her trauma, Riley was taken away by nurses shortly after he was born and rushed into intensive care, where he was fed via a feeding tube.

But there were more challenges faced by Meghan and her husband of five years and their precious newborn.

For unknown medical reasons, baby Riley did not wake up for the first week after being born – which Meghan claims was cruelly dismissed by nurses as being connected to her taking antidepressants while pregnant.

She told People: ‘They were like “Sometimes it happens,” and then some nurses were like, “Well it’s because you’re on antidepressants,”…And I’m like, “Yeah, but I’ve been told by others that it’s not that”.’

In April Meghan is releasing pregnancy book, Dear Future Mama.

In a clip shared to Instagram of her appearance on the Today show, Meghan explained that penning the tome ‘was a big goal of mine because when I was pregnant I felt very alone. Also, like Covid times, so I didn’t have any friends that were pregnant with me, and I just remember being like “I don’t want anyone else to feel like that”, and so now I can be your future bestie, and I can help you, and tell you all the TMI details of my pregnancy and how crazy it was.’

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