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In Memory of His Great Achievements, We Revisit the Formal Resident of Deng Xiaoping

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GUANG'AN, China, December 03, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xiexing Town, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, is the place where Deng Xiaoping was born and once lived. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence here, and you can follow his step by visiting places like the Former Residence of Deng Xiaoping, Inkstone Washing Pool, Hanlin Academy and so on. Now it has become a national AAAAA tourist site covering an area of 3.19 square kilometers, "Deng Xiaoping's Hometown of Guang'an City", which has not only been well repaired and preserved, but is also an important patriotism education base in China. Next, please follow our lead, walk into Deng Xiaoping's hometown, feel the trace of his life, remember his achievements and learn from his spirit.

Here at the Formal Resident of Deng Xiaoping, we can see a traditional three-section compound, wooden bungalows in simplicity style. Such a house is not rare in Sichuan, but it represents characteristics of eastern Sichuan and Bashu style. Such a compound carries the memories of three generations of Deng Xiaoping's ancestors. A plaque inscribed by Jiang Zemin in 1998 entitled "Former Residence of Comrade Deng Xiaoping" hung on the gate of the yard. When you enter the compound, you can see the rooms of Deng Xiaoping's parents, brothers and grandmother, the family's dining room, kitchen, workshop and other living places. The room next to the dining room is Deng Xiaoping's room. There are carved wooden beds used when Xiaoping was born and his wardrobe. A table and stool are placed near the window. On the table are an oil lamp, paper, pens and an inkstone used by Xiaoping in reading and writing. There is nothing unusual in this room, but an unusual leader and hero was made in this room. He spent only 15 years here. After that, he studied far away from his hometown and even went abroad to start his great journey.

Though 15 years were short, Deng Xiaoping still kept the place where he was raised in mind, and entrusted others that "Guang'an needs get a good development" while he shouldered the great task of developing China. Now, how much we wish he could see the development of Guang'an and let him know that his hometown and his country China have been as he wishes.

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Guang’an Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau
July Liu

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