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From On MGM+ Is Actually One Of The Scariest Horror Shows I've Seen In Years And I Have To Talk About It

 Some of the stars of From.
Some of the stars of From.

If you know me, you know I'm a horror fan.

I wasn't always, but as I've grown older, it's become one of my favorite genres in movies and television. I adore watching some of the best horror movies. I'm a massive fan of horror TV shows, and I can openly say I watched all eleven seasons of The Walking Dead. Yup, I never gave up.

But I have yet to find a show that genuinely creeps me out. Severely. And for the longest time, nothing I experienced was like that. While TWD had its share of gnarly kills, it never scared me much. The Last of Us was an excellent horror TV show, but it seemed more focused on human emotion than the deaths of those around the characters – even though death played a significant role in the show.

When I heard about From – from my dad, no less – I was skeptical. I had never heard of it and knew none of the stars in it. He mentioned that it was from the producers of Lost, a super famous and critically acclaimed TV show, and the premise intrigued me – a group of people stuck in a town that they can't escape from, pursued by strange monsters at night. So, I decided to give it a shot.

And, wow – From, available on MGM+ (previously Epix), genuinely stands out as one of the most frightening horror shows I've seen in years. Let's delve into what makes it so great.

One of the shapeshifters in From.
One of the shapeshifters in From.

The Monsters Are Genuinely Terrifying

Modern monsters often lack the type of creepiness I crave, and classic horror villains reign supreme. The practical effects back then were extraordinary, turning some of the wildest concepts on paper into actual costumes.

While the walkers/infected/zombies in zombie franchises can be terrifying – take the Rat King in The Last Of Us sequel game, for example – what sets the monsters in From apart is their ruthless nature. They don't merely eat you because they have to; these creatures rip your insides apart while keeping you alive, just to torture you for their own joy. It's like a cat toying with a mouse before the final pounce. These creatures are indifferent to feelings and identities and literally don’t care at all.

Boyd in From.
Boyd in From.

And The Fact That They Can Turn Into People You Know Is Horrifying

One unsettling aspect of these monsters is their shapeshifting ability. They're able to assume the form of regular people, seemingly harmless. All it takes is for them to coax someone to open the door for them from the outside, and once they’re in, they can resume their monstrous form to devour the victim without even thinking a second thought.

Be it your girlfriend, father, or even your grandmother – as depicted in the first episode – the horror lies in the unknown. You can't discern whether the person on the other side of the door at night is human or monstrous, making it scarier.

The priest in From.
The priest in From.

The Gore Is Unlike Any Other Horror Show I’ve Seen

When I say, this series is gory, I mean it.

Most gore doesn't faze me. I've seen too many bloody deaths from the Freddy Krueger franchise for me to feel fear when it comes to gore. Finding a TV series that genuinely succeeds in that department is challenging. From, however, delivers on the gore front. So much…just so much gore. 

The depictions are so intense that I don’t want to put images of the deaths here. The show presents insides strewn about, bodies mutilated, and much, much more. From the first moments of the opening episode, you're thrust headfirst into everything happening. And trust me – you won’t forget it.

A child waving in From.
A child waving in From.

The Concept Of A Town Being Trapped From The Outside World Is Intriguing And Scary

From embodies a concept I believe could have been an excellent idea for one of the best Twilight Zone episodes. The show revolves around residents trapped in a town, unable to escape. Once night falls, they become prey to bloodthirsty creatures, as mentioned above, that are able to change how they look. They're only safe if inside a structure, with curtains drawn, and a protective talisman hanging on the wall.

These people are attempting to live everyday lives, but the strangeness of their situation plagues them. As the series progresses, we learn that this issue has persisted for a considerable time – to the extent that someone has grown up within the town from when they were a child, and that there really is no way out – at least right now. The thought of being imprisoned like this is deeply unsettling.

Two of the survivors in From.
Two of the survivors in From.

The Characters Are Incredibly Diverse With Different Stories

In my father's words, the cast of From brings to mind the early seasons of The Walking Dead. There are plenty of characters to like, from the main sheriff Boyd to the newly introduced Matthews family or the priest who tries to offer advice to the town. No matter who, each character has their own stories, struggles and lives in this insane town.

You find yourself genuinely caring for their fates. It didn't take me long to feel sad when a character got killed. The cast is remarkably diverse, with interesting storylines that will make you forget about your responsibilities and keep watching.

Boyd in From.
Boyd in From.

The Scares Just Get Better And Better As The Series Goes On

The horror aspect in From is great, because the scares don’t stop. In many contemporary horror movies, jumpscares dominate the screen. I appreciate films like Midsommar or Hereditary that build suspense for their scares rather than cheap moments that make you scream.

From balances suspense and jumpscares. The tension builds amazingly until everything is suddenly terrifying, and you’re on the edge of your seat, hoping the characters somehow survive. The show's impeccable pacing doesn't bombard you with multiple scares simultaneously. This balancing act is truly what makes it great.

I'm baffled by the lack of attention From receives. Its presence on a less mainstream streaming platform (MGM+) may contribute to this oversight. I have a feeling that if it were on Netflix, its popularity would skyrocket.

Regardless, I'm here to promote it and spread the word. More people should witness the brilliance of this show, and if you haven't had the chance to watch it, check it out.

Stream From on MGM+.