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Michelle Keegan hints at return to Our Girl

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Michelle Keegan hints at return to Our Girl

Former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has teased that she's willing to return to Our Girl.

The BBC One military drama concluded in March 2020 with a finale that finally brought closure to Keegan's character Georgie Lane after years in the line of fire.

During a recent interview with the Radio Times, Keegan seemed very eager to eventually revisit Georgie once she's able to have a proper break from the show.

"I absolutely loved playing that role and I loved Our Girl, but I felt at the time that Georgie had completed her storyline," she said.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

"For four seasons she was mourning Elvis, or trying to get back with Elvis and, for me, the finale completed and concluded that whole four seasons, so I felt Georgie needed a break.

"She is still alive, so a few years down the line we could pick it back up again. I would love to do Our Girl again; people would love to see what Georgie is up to now."

The BBC and creator Tony Grounds never closed the door on making more of Our Girl, with a statement announcing its conclusion last August tipping an eventual revival.

Grounds said last summer: "With the finale of series four showing Georgie ready to move on with her life, it feels like the right time for us to do the same.

"Michelle and I are keen to continue our working relationship, and who knows, maybe we'll catch up with Georgie in the future.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

"I wanted to say a big thank you to the fans of the show. It's been a joy to write."

Keegan had announced her plans to leave Our Girl before it was officially shelved. She had been the second leading star of the series, with EastEnders' Lacey Turner starring as army recruit Molly Dawes in series one.

Though Turner didn't come back during the Keegan tenure, the show did eventually tie the two eras together with a controversial twist.

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