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Michelle Pfeiffer says 'there's no secret' to her youthful appearance

Ellie Spina
·3-min read

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Michelle Pfeiffer is sharing the
Michelle Pfeiffer is sharing the "secrets" to her youthful appearance at 62. (Image via Getty Images)

Among the many things that Michelle Pfeiffer is known for, her seemingly ageless appearance is one of them. The "Scarface" star has undoubtedly aged in a notably graceful fashion, but according to her, there is no secret to preserving her youth besides maintaining a reasonably healthy lifestyle.

During a recent appearance on "Lorraine," a British daytime talk show, the 62-year-old actress shared her take on the ever-elusive fountain of youth, admitting that she hasn't turned to any unheard-of methods to maintain her good looks.

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"It's what nobody really wants to hear," she began. "You have to eat right, you have to exercise, you have to sleep. We're always looking for that cheating magical bullet but it's not right."

Michelle Pfeiffer says there's 'no secret' to her youthful appearance. (Photo by Steven Ferdman/WireImage,)
Michelle Pfeiffer says there's 'no secret' to her youthful appearance. (Photo by Steven Ferdman/WireImage,)

Despite her busy schedule, the Golden Globe-winning actress said she tries her best to use her down time to her advantage.

"When I’m not working, when I'm giving myself leeway, when I’m not eating good, I’m having too much wine, when I’m not on camera, I look like it, that's really it," she told host Lorraine Kelly. "So that's the big secret — there's no secret!"

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Recently, Pfeiffer has been hard at work filming her upcoming flick, "French Exit" based on the book by Canadian author Patrick deWitt. Pfeiffer plays a once wealthy widow who moves to Paris with her son (Lucas Hedges) and her cat, who she believes is the reincarnated embodiment of her late husband.

"She's very complicated and she's damaged really, and she’s very narcissistic and absent for so long," she said of her character. "She ultimately finds her son and reconnects and finds out she loves him and how much she missed."

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Although the character is complex, she admitted that she had a few concerns about working with a cat on-set.

"It was one of the first concerns that I had. I loved the script, I was very intrigued by this character, but it was one of those I didn’t know how I was going to handle it,"Pfeiffer explained."One of my first questions was 'right what about this cat?' and I don’t think [the director Azazel Jacobs had] thought about it. Who would have thought a cat could be trained. There were two cats they rotated, one was sweeter than the other but I kind of fell in love with them."

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