Mobimo publishes Sustainability Report 2022

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Mobimo publishes Sustainability Report 2022
05.05.2023 / 07:00 CET/CEST

Press release

Mobimo publishes Sustainability Report 2022

Lucerne, 5 May 2023 – Mobimo Holding AG today published its Sustainability Report for the 2022 reporting period. Against the backdrop of the approved Sustainability Strategy 2030, pioneering guidelines and processes were rolled out last year at both corporate and project level. These will have a positive impact on Mobimo’s sustainable business operations.

Mobimo considers it to be crucial that awareness of sustainability is carried over into all our employees’ daily work. At project level, guidelines on topics including sustainable construction, the use of photovoltaic systems and BIM guidelines were drawn up. Each project's progress and potential is monitored on an ongoing basis, paying particular attention to energy generation and portfolio renovation. The newly created position Head of Sustainability is responsible for the operational execution of measures to implement the sustainability strategy at company, portfolio and project level.

Operational highlights 2022

In 2022, the potential for additional photovoltaic systems throughout the entire portfolio was analysed in order to increase in-house electricity production and initiate the appropriate retrofitting of photovoltaic systems. Mobimo’s goal is to install additional photovoltaic systems with an area of about 10,000 m² by 2030 and an additional area of 15,000 m² by 2050.

Two noteworthy renovation and repurposing projects were implemented in existing properties at 'Im Tiergarten' in Zurich and ‘Les Jumeaux' buildings in Flon, Lausanne. Residential use will now take the place of office space at 'Im Tiergarten', and 'Les Jumeaux' will henceforth comprise commercial and recreational use. The potential for reducing grey energy was achieved in a targeted manner in these projects through refurbishment and repurposing.

Mobimo’s goal is to be a leader in the sustainable advancement of the real estate sector. The full Sustainability Report 2022 can be found at:

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Nathalie Neumann, Responsible Investor Relations
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Anthony Welbergen, Head of Corporate Communications
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About Mobimo:
With a broadly diversified real estate portfolio that has a total value of approximately CHF 3.7 billion, Mobimo Holding AG is one of the leading real estate companies in Switzerland. Its portfolio comprises residential and commercial properties, along with development properties both for the company’s own portfolio and for third parties. The properties are in first-class locations in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. The buildings are characterised by balanced diversification and diligent management. Mobimo uses its development projects to strengthen its income base and boost the intrinsic value of its portfolio. The company also creates investment opportunities for third parties through its development services. Mobimo has around 170 employees.

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