Mom has ‘best hack ever’ for dusty ceiling fan: ‘I am literally doing this today!’

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A mom shared the perfect hack for cleaning a dusty ceiling fan.

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TikToker Christina Lynch admitted that she doesn’t clean her ceiling fan too frequently. So when she does, she prefers to reach for a cleaning tool she already owns or something to repurpose. It’s why she’s now made dusting her ceiling fan with pillowcases a “standard practice” in her home.

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“Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life,” Lynch said in the video, calling this the “best hack ever.”

To use Lynch’s method, place a pillowcase on the blade of a ceiling fan. Then slowly pull the pillowcase to wipe off the hefty coating of dust on the blade. All of the dust and debris should fall right into the pillowcase instead of falling off the blade and being redistributed elsewhere.

Some people asked why she used a pillowcase instead of a rag or duster. Lynch’s response explained it all.

“Why do I need to spend money on a Swiffer when I can just reuse items I already have sitting in a closet?” she wrote.

Most people in the comment section supported the mom’s clever hack.

“Everyone saying baby wipes and swifter dusters all of those let some fall in your bed. The pillowcase method is ELITE,” a user commented.

“Best solution I’ve found is just don’t clean them,” someone joked.

“OMG guess what I’m doing today,” another wrote.

“We spray inside pillowcase with Pledge and then clean all our fans like this,” a person commented.

“Omg! I am literally doing this today to all my fans! Ty for this hack,” a TikToker responded.

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