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Mom looks inside 5-year-old’s L.O.L. Surprise case and mysteriously discovers $247 in cash

·3-min read

A mom was shocked when she discovered a wad of cash hiding inside her daughter’s toy (specifically her L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store), and the video is going viral.

Mom and TikToker Clarissa Garza (@rissa_xo.xo) gained over 21.8 million views and 20,000 comments when she posted the footage to her account.

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In the video, Clarissa explains that she was cleaning up her 5-year-old’s room while she was away at her dad’s house.

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But when she went to move her daughter’s L.O.L. Surprise toy, the mom made a shocking discovery: a stack of cash hiding within the glittery pink case.

At first, Clarissa couldn’t even figure out how to open the toy — but when she did, she immediately began to count the bills.

Most of the cash consisted of dollar bills, but an occasional $20 and one single $100 bill brought the total to $247.

Spurred by the comments, Clarissa decided to talk to her 5-year-old to figure out where exactly all that money came from — and why she’d squirreled it away.

In her follow-up video, Clarissa gently interrogates her little girl — who’s innocently smiling all the while and crunching on an apple slice.

“I was cleaning up your L.O.L. toy and I found some money in there,” the mom says.

Her daughter smiles and nods, no malice or mischief in her expression.

“Did you put it in there?” Clarissa asks. Again, her little girl nods sweetly. “Where did you find that money at?”

“In your purse,” her daughter replies.

“Why did you get it out of Mommy’s purse?”

“To keep it safe,” the 5-year-old smiles.

In the end, Clarissa tells her little girl that it’s time to get her a piggy bank — but that she can’t take money from Mom’s purse anymore. Her daughter sweetly agrees, and the two end the video in giggles.

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‘This is how you parent! No yelling, no hitting…’

Thousands upon thousands of TikTokers left comments on the video, applauding Clarissa for her calm demeanor.

“Just by the way she reacted and told the truth [without being] afraid means you are doing an EXCELLENT job mama!” one user wrote.

“I’ve never seen a child who looks SO happy while being confronted about a mistake! She’s so SWEET!” another user commented.

“She’s so stinkin’ cute. And you handled this situation with grace, and very lovingly. Props to you mama!” commented another user.

“I love how she trusts you. I can just tell she wasn’t scared when you asked. Many kids would get scared and lie,” wrote one user.

“This is how you parent! No yelling, no hitting. Offering her an alternative and still letting her know what she can’t do anymore! Sweet kid too!” another user shared.

“You handled this so well! She clearly understood and was honest, and you weren’t trying to be intimidating or mean,” wrote another.

To this, Clarissa replied, “No, I don’t want her to keep anything from me. She’s a sweet girl! I know she didn’t mean any harm.”

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