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Morgan’s Plus Four CX-T shows the firm’s off-road ambitions

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Morgan has unveiled a go-anywhere version of its Plus Four – the Plus Four CX-T.

Inspired by the firm’s involvement in all-terrain endurance trials, the Plus Four CX-T has been jointly engineered and designed with Dakar race car creators Rally Raid UK.

Morgan CX-T
Bright spot lamps are fitted to the top of the car

Just eight examples will be made – costing £170,000 each plus local taxes – with each customer allowed to work alongside Morgan’s own design team to create a CX-T to their exact specifications. Once created at the firm’s factory in Malvern, each CX-T will undergo final preparation at Rally Raid UK’s facilities.

It’s also on sale now and Morgan says that all vehicles are due to be built before the end of the year.

Morgan CX-T
Spare tyres are kept on a racking system at the rear

Based on the same CX-Generation platform which underpins both the Plus Four and Plus Six, the CX-T has a wide variety of features to ensure that it can go here, there and anywhere. A high-riding suspension system has been fitted – with a drove-over obstacle clearance of 230mm – while EXE-TC coilover assemblies with internal bump stops have been developed specifically for this car.

The lower suspension arms contain upgraded bushes for increased durability, while a five-piece underbody system – consisting of an engine guard, rear chassis guard, midsection shield and rear undertray – helps to protect the underneath of the car from damage.

Morgan CX-T
The CX-T features a range of go-anywhere extras

The rear panel of the car has been replaced with an equipment rack that houses two waterproof Pelican cases, an aluminium toolbox, two Rotopax 11-litre containers and two spare wheel and tyre assemblies. The external ‘exoskeleton’ can also be adapted to carry bikes and surfboards, while the removable side screens can be mounted to the roof of the car, too.

The CX-T also utilises an electronic differential from BMW. This xDrive system has been specifically calibrated for off-road applications, with an in-cabin switch allowing the driver to toggle between different modes – Road, All-Terrain and All-Terrain Extreme – with each varying the amount of torque divided between the rear wheels.

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