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Morrisons Is Selling A Bourbon And Custard Cream Hybrid Biscuit And We’re Here For It

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Have you ever found yourself opening up your trusty biscuit tin; not knowing which one to go for? Do you fancy a chocolatey Bourbon? Or a classic Custard Cream? Bourbon or Custard Cream? Bourbon or Custard Cream? Bourbon or Custard Cream? Next thing you know, you’ve got yourself in such a tiz you end up going for a Rich Tea. Rubbish.

If only there was a biscuit that was a perfect mix of both the Bourbon and the Custard Cream. Well guess what… there is!

Morrisons is selling a packet of biscuits called Bourbon Creams and they’re perfect for dunking in a cuppa.

We first heard about these awesome biscuits when @kevssnackreviews shared a photo and review of them.

He said: “They’re rather nice! There’s the cocoa flavour of a bourbon, balanced out by the mellow vanilla custard-like sweet filling. It’s not the same rich chocolatey experience as a normal bourbon, just different.

“Overall, I rather enjoyed these. I probably wouldn’t get them again though because I just prefer Bourbon and Custard Creams to be one way or the other. But it’s a fun mashup!”

He gave them a score of 7.5/10, which isn’t bad.

And the great news is, you can pick up a packet of Morrisons’ Bourbon Creams for jus 40p!

We’re wondering if Morrisons will also make a version of these biscuits with a Custard cream biscuit and a chocolatey Bourbon cream middle? Here’s hoping…

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