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Mrs Hinch explains why she ended up in hospital last night

·2-min read
Photo credit: MrsHinch - Instagram
Photo credit: MrsHinch - Instagram

Queen of clean Mrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchcliffe) shared an update with her 4 million followers last night after she ended up making a late night dash to A&E – after (warning: look away if you're squeamish) "snapping" her toe. Ouch!

Taking to her Instagram Stories, using her classic 'Gretel' filter, Mrs Hinch explained that it was 1am and she had just had an x-ray on her toe. "I thought I had dislocated it," she said. "But it turns out I've literally snapped my toe in half. Good one, Soph!"

She then continued on to say that the injury occurred after she heard her youngest son, Lennie, crying in the night and she leapt out of bed to settle him.

"I was trying Lennie in his own bedroom again and I heard him cry so I jumped up out of bed and ran to his bedroom but caught my toe on the doorframe and heard it crack," Mrs Hinch told her followers.

The mother-of-two then added (again, divert your eyes if squeamish!) that she tried to "pop it back in" herself but had "no luck" and so headed to her local A&E for an x-ray, where it was revealed her toe is broken.

"The x-ray picture was rather interesting! Who would have thought a little toe could be so blooming painful eh?" she remarked.

Photo credit: Mrs Hinch - Instagram
Photo credit: Mrs Hinch - Instagram

Earlier this morning, Sophie shared that she eventually made it home at 4am, took a bath and was back up and at it today for work, as she has an appearance on Virgin Radio (which she said she'd be carrying out whilst wearing one shoe and one slipper - iconic).

Photo credit: Mrs Hinch - Instagram
Photo credit: Mrs Hinch - Instagram

According to the NHS, a broken toe typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks to heal, but can take several months in some cases. It recommends taking ibuprofen and paracetamol for any pain and swelling, resting up and avoiding walking as much as possible, icing the toe for 20 minutes every few hours and strapping up the broken toe with "a small piece of cotton wool or gauze between your sore toe and the toe next to it, then tape them together to support the sore toe".

Here's wishing Mrs Hinch a super speedy recovery!

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