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This £6 reusable container is about to revolutionise your lunch

The only reusable food container you'll ever need [Photo: Getty]

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Buying lunch every day is great, but it’s a luxury that isn’t particularly sustainable given that a simple sandwich can now cost in excess of £6, so for many of us, bringing last night’s leftovers to the office is a better way to go.

However, to do this you need a reusable food container, which can bring with it a set of problems of its own.

If you’re bringing salad, it’s likely the dressing will make the leaves so soggy you feel as though you’re tucking into soup rather than spinach, and don’t even get us started on the problems with multiple parts to your meal (is there a bag in the world big enough to carry three tubs?!).

Which is why, when we stumbled across this clever container, we had to shout about it from the digital rooftops.

The Sistema To Go Salad with Dressing Pot and Cutlery is a multi-compartment container, with a removable tray so that you can keep all ingredients separate until you’re ready to eat.

Its flexible seal helps keep food fresh and won’t break if it knocks against something on your commute, and you’ll never need to scrabble around for a fork again as it comes with its own cutlery.

It’s a mealtime miracle.

Buy it: Sistema To Go Salad with Dressing Pot and Cutlery | £6.49 from Amazon

The two separate sections mean you can transport leaves, toppings and dressing separately (yes, there’s an isolated pot for dressing), or carry main and dessert without worrying that your fruit slices will drip into leftover chilli con carne.

Plus, the entire thing is dishwasher safe and so can easily be cleaned, ready to go again tomorrow.

The container already has 1,632 customer ratings on Amazon, so it’s possible that someone you know is already experiencing a superior lunchtime experience.

“Perfect lunch box. The inside tray is removable so it can be used for salads with additional snacks in the upper tray, or you could remove the tray and simply use it as a large bowl (e.g. for pasta),” one happy customer wrote.

While another commented: “Fantastic design, this salad tub is perfect for taking lunch to work.”

We can’t wait to be the envy of our co-workers with this.

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