Music-related home insurance claims revealed as nations gear up for Eurovision

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Eurovision Song Contest fans are being reminded by an insurer to make sure their celebrations hit the right note by avoiding accidental damage.

Aviva said it has seen various claims related to music events and parties over the years, including some where customers mentioned Eurovision.

In one incident, a Eurovision enthusiast became so excited watching the show that their margarita cocktail was sent flying, tipping into their laptop.

Aviva has also dealt with general party-related mishaps, including curry dropped in a guitar, an electric piano cracking in half after it was sat on, and drink being spilled into an amplifier.

In another case seen by the insurer, a customer was enjoying a karaoke night at home when his grandson let the microphone swing into the TV, cracking the screen.

It also has several examples of televisions being damaged by enthusiastic dance moves.

From youngsters to grandparents, several Aviva customers said their cracked screens had been caused by someone falling into the TV while dancing in the living room.

Rugs can also come off badly at parties. In one instance, a guest laughed so hard at her friend’s spillage, she dropped her own drink as well, the insurer said.

Aviva’s director of property claims Kelly Whittington said: “Millions of song-lovers are looking forward to a fantastic weekend.

“However, we’ve seen from our claims experience that people can sometimes get lost in music.”

She said accidental damage cover – an optional extra on home insurance – can often help if the worst happens.