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Myles Garrett on attacking Mason Rudolph: 'I made a mistake, I lost my cool'

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett sparked a brawl at the end of Thursday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he took Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and swung it at his exposed head.

The attack stunned the NFL world with multiple calls for a season-long ban or more for the Browns defender. The NFL announced Friday he is suspended indefinitely and at minimum for the rest of the 2019 season, including the playoffs.

Myles Garrett: ‘I regret it’

Garrett addressed the melee with reporters in the postgame locker room, explaining that he lost his cool.

“I made a mistake,” Garrett said. “I lost my cool. I regret it. It's going to come back to hurt our team. The guys who jumped into the scrum, I appreciate my team having my back, but it should have never got to that point. It's on me.”

Myles Garrett said he lost his cool, but doesn't expect Thursday's attack and brawl to overshadow Cleveland's win. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Garrett then talked about the result of the game, a 21-7 Browns victory, and said he didn’t expect the attack and brawl to overshadow the outcome.

‘A win is a win’

"A win is a win. I don't think it's overshadowed by what happens in eight seconds. Played a hell of a game on defense. Offense came out firing and we held it down from there on. ... What we did on the field of play for the rest of that game, for the first 59 minutes, that shouldn't go unnoticed.”

With calls for Garrett to serve a season-long suspension, he said after the game he has “no clue” if he’s played his last game of the season.

He declined to address what provoked him to attack Rudolph.

“You got to go look at it,” Garrett said. “I'm not going to comment on it."

‘What I did was foolish’

Upon hearing that head coach Freddie Kitchens called the incident embarrassing, Garrett didn’t dispute the assessment.

“Absolutely,” Garrett said. “That is embarrassing. What I did was foolish, and I shouldn't have allowed myself to slip like that. That's out of character. But a situation like that where it's an emotional game, like Larry said, and I allowed myself to fall into those emotions with that last play and what happened.”

Garrett said he hasn’t addressed his teammates yet, but plans to on Friday.

He also said he doesn’t know what to expect in terms of punishment from the NFL.

“I don't know,” Garrett said. “I've never been in this situation. I've really never seen, you know, any suspension. I've never really looked into it. I wouldn't know what they're going to do.”

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