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National Energy Regulatory Council set the price cap for electricity transmission

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LITGRID AB (company code 302564383, registered office address Karlo Gustavo Emilio Manerheimo st. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania), notifies that on 1 October 2021 the National Energy Regulatory Council (hereinafter – NERC) set a price cap of 0.684 ct/kWh for high-voltage electricity transmission services for 2022, which is 5.1 percent lower compared to the one set for the year 2021 (0.721 ct./kWh).

The new price cap will take effect from 1 January 2022, since it was approved in accordance with the new wording of the Methodology for determining the price caps for electricity transmission, distribution and public supply services approved by the NERC on 30 September 2021.

Based on the new electricity transmission price cap, the Board of LITGRID AB will adopt the decision on the prices of the electricity transmission services for the year 2022.

The individual authorized by LITGRID AB to provide additional information on the material event:
Jurga Eivaitė
Communications Manager
tel. +370 613 19977 e-mail:

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