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NatWest and RBS launch 24-month 0% balance transfer credit cards

NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland have made their balance transfer cards more appealing by increasing the 0% period by one month to 24 months.

This means customers opening one of the cards will have two years free from interest payments on any existing debts.

There is a fee of 2.9% for moving over debts, which is about average for these cards.

The balance transfer market has seen a lot of action recently as providers seek to remain at the top of the tables and lure in new customers.

This can be seen in the way Barclaycard has reacted to the change in the NatWest and RBS cards by lowering the fee on its 24-month card from 2.9% to 2.8%. This means you’ll be paying £2 less when moving over a debt of £2,000 for example.

NatWest and RBS balance transfer deals

Both NatWest and RBS offer identical balance transfer cards which give customers 0% for 24 months and a 0% interest rate on new purchases for the first six months.

These are both available to new customers but you can’t transfer over a balance from an existing card provided by a member of the RBS group.

These cards are another good option if you’re looking to transfer over an expensive debt or if you’re unable to get the market-leading deal from Barclaycard.

Our comparison tables give a full view of the market but here are the top five leading cards with long balance transfer windows


Balance transfer fee

0% balance transfer period

Fee to pay on £2,000 transfer

Fee to pay on £4,000 transfer

Barclaycard 25-Month Platinum


25 months



Barclaycard 24-Month Platinum


24 months



NatWest Platinum MasterCard


24 months



RBS Platinum MasterCard


24 months



Halifax BT 24-Month MasterCard


24 months



Balance transfer cards

These cards are a good tool ifyou are currently forking out on interest on existing credit card debt. Move that debt to a balance transfer card and you know that for the 0% term every penny of your repayments will go directly towards reducing your debt, rather than interest.

But they come with a warning attached. This is because they will only work if you use them effectively and pay off your debts in the 0% period.

If you don’t the interest rate will sky rocket at the end of the 0% period. At this point you do have the option of moving the balance over to a new card, but there is no guarantee you’ll be approved for a new card.

On top of this if you don’t follow the rules and miss a payment during the interest-free term, it can be removed or reduced.