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Nearly half of people ‘believe live entertainment is more important than ever’

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Live events (PA Archive)
Live events (PA Archive)

Nearly half (47%) of event and concert-goers say that live entertainment now means more to them than ever, a survey has found.

With more parts of the economy poised to open up at varying rates across the UK, one in five (20%) people are considering attending events they would not normally go to, according to Barclaycard Entertainment.

One in six (16%) meanwhile intend to see artists they discovered online during the coronavirus pandemic.

Half (50%) of people intend to use their general savings to fund going to live events, while a quarter (25%) will use money they had put aside for events that did not take place last year, the research found.

A fifth (19%) of people said they would be happy to travel more than 100 miles to attend a live event.

Nearly half (49%) also believe they have forgotten how it feels to be in a big crowd.

Some 2,000 people were surveyed in June.

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