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Nebula Brands - China’s "Thrasio" - Starts to Acquire Amazon Brands

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HONG KONG, September 26, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Thrasio, the American Amazon aggregator, has recently announced an additional $650 million in commitments to its senior credit facility, bringing the total amount of capital raised to more than $2 billion within less than two years and it has acquired more than 150 potential brands on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. The key feature of the Thrasio-style investment model is that the company can buy good brands at lower prices and then run these existing brands through large-scale, data-driven operations, hoping to build an online version of P&G with multiple brands and marketplaces.

Nebula Brands, China’s Thrasio, also raised a large amount of money from well-known international and domestic fund companies after joining the game early this year. "Over 40% of third-party sellers and 70% goods on Amazon are from China and many brands are taking the lead in their categories relying on their advantages of manufacturing. As for Nebula Brands, a variety of acquirable brands, a supply chain covering the whole industries and talents with engineering background are essential to participate in the global competition," said William Wang, co-founder of Nebula Brands.

A few days ago, Nebula Brands announced that it has completed its first several acquisitions. The one already revealed is a yoga headstand bench brand, which is one of the top brands in its category on Amazon. The company has built professional teams of brand marketing, production R&D, supply chain management and other modules in Beijing, Shenzhen and New York. After the acquisition, optimization tactics regarding package, ads and production lines in various dimensions have also been applied in order to improve the quality of products and competitiveness of brands, resulting in an over 50% year-over-year increase in sales on Amazon.

As the company acquires more brands, the brand effect will increase in scale. That’s why Nebula Brands is intensifying its input in technology to improve its capability of multi-brand, multi-channel and multi-module management. Currently, the model has already attracted nearly $10 billion worldwide to date, with more and more funds flowing to leading aggregators. Nebula Brands said that it will continue its acquisitions in sports, maternal and child supplies, health, home furnishings and other areas with its equity funds and debt funds raised from the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, hoping to increase its competitive edge following Thrasio model.

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