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Neighbours confirms huge season finale cliffhanger for Terese Willis

·3-min read

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours will see Terese Willis' life in danger in the cliffhanger of 2021's season finale.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been struggling for months following her separation from Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), turning to alcohol again. A series of events leads Terese and Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) to clash on the rooftop of Lassiters.

When Terese overbalances, she finds herself clinging onto the edge and in desperate need of help.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

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In upcoming scenes on 10 Peach and Channel 5, Terese attends the Police Ball and agrees to a dance with Paul, but she becomes overwhelmed and is later found sitting on the floor drunk by Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett).

Terese starts talking about potentially getting back together with Paul. Feeling she's unable to think or act clearly in her drunken state, Glen drives her home.

Later, Paul makes Terese a surprising offer, suggesting that they try marriage counselling.

Terese seriously considers going to counselling with Paul, which leads to Glen chiming in. He makes it absolutely clear that he's opposed to the idea, believing Paul's up to his usual manipulative ways, but his firmness causes friction between him and Terese.

Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5

Terese and Paul go to their first marriage counselling session, but it goes horribly wrong.

While Paul is desperate to get their marriage back on track, Terese is reluctant to give him false hope and bluntly talks about her husband's numerous mistakes. This hits a nerve with Paul, and he fires back causing the pair to exchange angry and heated words.

On Christmas Day, Terese lies to everybody about her plans, wanting to be left alone.

Meanwhile, Harlow, incredibly suspicious of Glen, hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on Paul's brother.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Terese's Ramsay Street family and friends find out that she's spending Christmas by herself, and grow increasingly worried when she's nowhere to be found. They begin a search for Terese.

Harlow is the one who ends up finding Terese on the Lassiters rooftop, but not before she receives the report on Glen.

On the roof, Terese is drunk. When Harlow insists that Glen is up to no good and tries to show her the report, Terese throws it off the roof – but in the process loses balance, and ends up trying to hold onto the edge of the building to avoid a huge fall...

Neighbours airs its season finale on Thursday, December 9 at 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia) and Friday, December 10 at 1pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK).

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