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Netflix’s The Night Agent Season 2 Is In Production, But I’m Just Focused On This Video Of Gabriel Basso Looking Upon New York City

 Peter Sutherland in Season 1, Episode 8 of The Night Agent.
Peter Sutherland in Season 1, Episode 8 of The Night Agent.

The Night Agent proved to be one of Netflix’s biggest releases of 2023. Developed by The Shield’s Shawn Ryan and based on Matthew Quirk's novel of the same name, the drama series drew in plenty of viewers. So it wasn’t all that surprising when the streamer renewed the milestone-hitting series for a second season. Over the past several months, updates have been scarce (with the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes likely being the reason for that). However, it’s now been confirmed that the highly anticipated second season is now in production. That’s exciting news but, at the moment, I’m more fixated on a video of lead actor Gabriel Basso looking over New York City.

Netflix subscribers were likely excited when the company announced that production on the next chapter of The Night Agent had officially begun. While a press release was sent out, Gabriel Basso – who plays lead protagonist Peter Sutherland – also shared the news to Instagram. In a post, the leading man not only dropped a BTS pic of himself (which was also released by the streamer), but he also included a video of himself riding a helicopter. One can see him riding in the aircraft and gazing at New York from above. Check it out:

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t take my eyes off the clip. It’s simple but, at the same time, kind of amazing. Maybe it’s the view of the city from the helicopter that has me so transfixed. I’m honestly not sure what to attribute any of it to, but what I can say is that it’s a sweet way to mark the start of production. It should also be noted that the “city that never sleeps” is going to become very important to the show.

Upon announcing the start of filming on the new episodes, Netflix also revealed that Season 2 will primarily take place in NYC. Additional photography is also expected to take place in both Thailand and Washington D.C. Plot details are still being kept under wraps at this point, and there’s no telling whether the second season will premiere as part of the 2024 TV schedule. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m eager for more details.

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Luciane Buchanan and Gabriel Basso on The Night Agent
Luciane Buchanan and Gabriel Basso on The Night Agent

I’m Happy Netflix Renewed The Night Agent For Season 2, But I’m Still Mad About One Choice The Show Made

So far, The Night Agent’s stars and creator have discussed Season 2 but haven’t shared any major tidbits of information. Season 1’s lone returning stars – Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan – shared some ideas for the new episodes. Buchanan, who plays computer whiz Rose Larkin, wants her character to fly under the radar and even get some therapy after being caught up in the government conspiracy that the first season centered around. Basso, for his part, also teased that Peter will experience some true inner turmoil. Meanwhile, creator Shawn Ryan and his team have been working on the story for a while, and the EP said that they’re up to the challenge of topping the work they’ve already done.

There are also a few new faces joining the fray this time around. In addition to the two leads, Season 2 will also feature series newcomers Arienne Mandi, Louis Herthum, Berto Colon, Brittany Snow, Amanda Warren and Teddy Sears. Their roles have not been revealed as of this writing.

Hopefully, the new season will be able to expand the show’s lore in new and exciting ways. Considering just how devoted the fans seem to be, the expectations for these new installments are surely high. I’m confident that Gabriel Basso and his collaborators will pull it off smoothly, though. Also, as they move through production, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more cool BTS videos from Basso.

You can stream the ten-episode first season of The Night Agent now, and let’s hope Season 2 ends up on Netflix’s 2024 TV and movie schedule.