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Netflix's New Dog Training Show with Jas Leverette Is Helping 'the Dogs that No One Else Will'

Kelli Bender
·1-min read

Netflix has something special for animal lovers who adopted their first pooch during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and are now looking for some expert training tips.

On Feb. 24, Canine Intervention will premiere on the streaming giant. The new dog training docuseries follows Jas Leverette — the Oakland, California dog trainer who runs Cali K9.

PEOPLE has an exclusive look first look at the show's trailer, in which Leverette gives viewers a taste of how he "helps the dogs that no one else will." The trailer includes several of his canine clients that will appear in the show, including a pet that is described as both the "most loving dog" and "the most violent animal," and a pooch that is causing strain on their owners' relationship.

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"The dog has to learn how to adapt to this person, but the person has to learn how to adapt this dog as well," Leverette says in the trailer about his training approach, adding later "It's never the dog's fault, it's always human error."

Canine Intervention will follow Leverette as he uses his unique program to help dogs of all breeds — and their owners — correct a variety of behavioral issues, so everyone can lead a happier life.

"Changing that dog's life, changing that human's life, and creating harmony, this is my life's work," Leverette says to close the trailer.

Canine Intervention premieres on Netflix on Feb. 24.