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New Tesco price glitch: Buy one get THREE free

Shoppers have cashed in on a price glitch at Tesco. News of the deal first broke on the StudentMoneyTips Facebook page

A price glitch saw shoppers rush to take advantage of a Tesco deal offering buy one, get three free.

Wednesday evening Facebook group “10 ways to have more money as a student without working” posted that a scanning glitch at Tesco Metro, Extra and regular shops meant I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Oykos yoghurts were effectively four for the price of one.

“Be quick if you want them, they're in standard aisles + end of aisles as well. Good luck,” the post read.

This deal was then shared on moneysaving sites, with HotUKDeals users also rushing to cash in.

“Got myself 4kgs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and 32 pots of yoghurt... yom yom... So pleased it's stuff that's used daily as well.. Kids love yoghurt as well for their school lunch boxes.. :)) Thanks !!!!” Barry Mills posted on Facebook.

“Worked a treat for me, 4 butters, 4 yoghurt total £ 15.96, paid £3.99. Also 4 butters total: £7.20 paid £1.80,” said HotUKDeals user wookied.

But while some rushed to cash in, others questioned the wisdom of stockpiling so much dairy food.

“Who would need so much butter though?” Dennis Gurnik wrote on Facebook.

“Why do you want or need 20 boxes of butter?!” asked HotUKDeals user cuddykid.

Others swiftly responded that you can freeze butter for three months.

The deal seemed to have been stopped by Tesco in most stores by Thursday morning, although there were reports some shops still let you cash in.

You can see the latest on the 10 ways to have more money as a student without working Facebook page and the HotUKDeals site