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Report: Knicks owner James Dolan has 'lost his desire' to pursue Raptors' Masai Ujiri

Thomas Williams
Hockey writer
There appears to be hurdles that prevent Masai Ujiri, right, from leaving Toronto. (Getty Images)

Toronto Raptors president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri was rumoured to be an option to take over James Dolan’s New York Knicks earlier this week. However, after new information emerged, that seems unlikely.

During ESPN’s trade deadline coverage on Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski made it clear that it is not so simple for Ujiri to leave the Raptors and attempt to make the Knicks competitive.

“... As much as (Dolan has) coveted Masai Ujiri, the hurdles it would take to get there, from draft compensation to Toronto allowing him out of his contract to Masai wanting to do this, he seems that he has lost his desire to go forward and chase that,” Wojnarowski said.

There are certainly plenty of barriers for Dolan to consider in his seemingly endless pursuit of Ujiri, but according to Wojnarowski, it’s become too much for the Knicks owner to handle.

Ujiri joined the Raptors organization in 2013 and since then, has enjoyed six consecutive postseason appearances and a championship last summer. While he has achieved the top prize, it appears he will remain in Toronto for the time being.

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