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'Disrespectful': Mum outraged over rude detail on cafe receipt

A mother has called for a cafe chain to train their staff better after one employee wrote an offensive note on their receipt.

The mother shared a photo of the receipt to Facebook, explaining her and her family walked out of a Coffee Supreme store in New Zealand, without their food, after receiving the receipt when they paid.

Instead of having someone’s name on the order, the employee who took the family’s order wrote “Fam w [sic] terrifying kid” on the receipt, which the mother called “some disrespectful bulls**t”.

The mother explained her and her family went to the cafe “almost every weekend” and claims her daughter is by no means a “terror”.

A mother vented her frustration at a cafe after an employee insulted her child. Source: Facebook.

“My daughter is nothing but polite and friendly and we’ve never left a mess,” the mother wrote on Facebook.

“She’s never been a terror, never had a meltdown, never caused any problems and the same people working today always comment on how cute and sweet she is, so what the actual f? [sic]”

The mother said the cafe had “lost some regulars” after the incident. The mother also claims she took the receipt to a staff member and explained they didn’t appreciate the line about the “terrifying kid” and he “didn’t say a word”.

“Not only is that rude to but totally inappropriate way of identifying customers [sic],” someone said in the comments.

The cafe franchise responded to the incident by saying they were “horrified to say the least”.

“We want Coffee Supreme Welles Street to be a place for everyone and this sort of behaviour contradicts what we’ve been building,” Coffee Supreme said in response to the mother on her Facebook post.

While the post has not been deleted, the mother has since updated the original post to say she had received some calls from management and they had been “awesome”.

“We appreciate the response,” the mother wrote.

In the comments of the post, the mother said she had since been refunded the money for the meal and she said the company had been “super apologetic” and are taking “steps to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen in their cafes again”.

Coffee Supreme NZ addressed the issue on Facebook and apologised publicly for the incident.

“We made a mistake over the weekend and offended a customer - a young family out trying to enjoy a moment of normality,” Coffee Supreme NZ wrote on Facebook.

“We are incredibly sorry and wish to apologise publicly.

“If you’re the parent of young children, we know how it is and would like to shout you and your wee one a coffee and fluffy at Customs or Coffee Supreme Welles Street - they’re on us from tomorrow through to the end of Sunday.”

“Hospitality is hard, parenting is hard. I think all round everyone has handled this with grace and kindness,” someone wrote in response to Coffee Supreme’s Facebook apology.

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