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NewsBreak: Boeing 737 Max Return May Be Delayed – Boeing (NYSE:BA) shares were up slightly this afternoon despite signals that there's no strict timetable for letting the 737 Max airliner return to service.

Boeing (NYSE:BA) shares were up 0.2% at 2:50 PM ET (18:50 GMT) and have helped trim a Dow Jones Industrial Average loss to less than 100 points after the index fell as many as 338 points early in the day.

The Federal Aviation Administration is no longer targeting an early November date for recertifying the plane after two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Instead, Fox News reported that the FAA now says it has "set no timeframe for when the work will be completed."

The Wall Street Journal reported today that U.S. and European aviation authorities have had disagreements about the changes Boeing (NYSE:BA) will have to make. The issue is whether a proposed fix for the plane's flight-control computers is adequate.

Wall Street has been skeptical about the early November timetable.

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