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When is the next Apple event?

·2-min read
When is the next Apple event?

Apple is holding perhaps its biggest event of the year, revealing the iPhone 14, new Watches and more with the event announced for 7 September, at 10am local pacific time.

The event will take place in September – with the release of those new products coming along soon after.

Apple has now confirmed when exactly the reveal will take place. The release dates will not be revealed until later, but there is plenty of information to make a good guess about when the new iPhones will be released.

You can read everything that is likely to be revealed at the “Far Out” event here.

Launch event

Apple’s launch event, named Far Out, will take place on 7 September, at 10am local pacific time.

That launch is relatively early, especially when compared with the last couple of years of pandemic-inflected launches, when the phones did not fully arrive until October. It is not clear why Apple has sped up the schedule – but it could be anything from an attempt to get out ahead of any economic bad news to the setup of the calendar.

It will be a livestreamed online event, as usual. But in a first since the beginning of the pandemic, Apple appears to be hosting select media at an in-person event at the Steve Jobs Theater on its campus, too.

Release date

The release date is even more reliable than the launch date: it almost certainly comes a week and a half after the phone is first revealed.

Given the 7 September launch, that would put the most likely release date as 16 September. That will probably be the case for the iPhone as well as the new Apple Watches.

In recent years, that launch date hasn’t included all of the phones; manufacturing problems have led some of them not to arrive for weeks. But those problems do not appear to be affecting availability for the iPhone 14, and there is nothing to suggest any of them will be delayed.

This will almost certainly be confirmed during the launch event, as usual.