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NFTY Portal is Set to be Launched Soon

·3-min read

ZUG, Switzerland, Dec. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFTY, an emerging company building an all-in-one decentralized exchange [DEX] and marketplace, has announced the launch of its project, NFTY Portal. Promoting blockchain adoption, NFTY is combining the innovative features of an exclusive DEX, a non-fungible token [NFT] marketplace, and 3 unique coins into a single platform.

NFTY aims at creating a world where traders, musicians, collectors, and artists can seamlessly trade NFTs in a decentralized ecosystem leveraging some of its exclusive NFTY coins. In a bid to satisfy the needs of users, this company has incorporated three unique coins—NFTY Space, NFTY Motion, and NFTY Time.

NFTY Space will serve as a payment coin for transactions that are in apropos to NFTs, tokens, coins, as well as the minting of NFTs on the NFTY chain. Furthermore, it may be traded with other tokens and staked on the NFTY wallet. Introducing the concept of yield farming, NFTY Space will serve as a farming coin for holders.

NFTY Motion is the company's governance token which will be gifted to holders of tokens as rewards for participation on the network. Like all governance tokens, NFTY Motion will grant holders exclusive voting rights on the project's future developments. Additionally, it can also be traded on the NFTY ecosystem through the NFTY wallet, portal, or website.

NFTY Time, on the other hand, is the project's reward coin. When users farm NFTY Space on the ecosystem, they, in turn, receive NFTY Time as a reward for engaging in that activity. Like the other coins released by NFTY, this reward token is a low-supply, high-demand coin that can be traded with other tokens on the NFTY chain.

Yet another impressive facet of NFTY Portal is its set of wallets—Desktop and Web wallets. Launching an all-in-one project, NFTY is offering users two secure wallets. The Desktop Wallet is currently compatible with Windows operating system [OS] and has been designed to enable prospective token holders to store NFTY Space, NFTY Time, NFTY Motion, NFTs, and other tokens. Incorporating token minting on the wallet, users can directly advertise on their respective social media channels, aiding, as the developers say, to push the boundaries of the crypto universe.

Anyone with access to the internet and an efficient browser can create an online wallet, send, and receive NFTY coins on the NFTY Web Wallet. This is suitable for prospective users who want to keep track of their tokens on the go.

In addition to introducing these coins and wallets, the launch of the NFTY Portal will signify a solution to a few of the existing problems of the NFT and crypto industries. Initiating unique concepts and dispelling existing sticking points, NFTY Portal seeks to position itself as an all-around crypto solution.

About NFTY

Dubbed the gateway to an effective trading universe, NFTY Portal is a forward step in the proliferation of blockchain for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Compounding an exclusive DEX, a marketplace, 3 unique coins, and advanced technology, NFTY Portal is a blockchain-based company that seeks to offer solutions to the budding NFT market.

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Company Name: NFTY Portal

Contact Person: Arron Brown (@Hazadus01), COO

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