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NordPass introduces new features for its business and enterprise solutions

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LONDON, Dec. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordPass has recently introduced new features for its business and enterprise plans — Password Policy and User Provisioning. These features will now allow for even greater password security measures for businesses that use NordPass.

What are password policies and why are they important?

The Password Policy feature allows organization Owners and Admins to set specific rules and requirements for passwords stored within the company’s NordPass encrypted vault. With the help of Password Policy, Admins and Owners will be able to view the status of the company’s passwords in their dashboard.

With Password Policy enabled, each time a user creates a password, they will see a list of requirements for a password according to the policy within the NordPass app. Password Policy requirements will also reflect within the Password Generator, which means that all generated passwords will automatically meet all the requirements.

What is User Provisioning and why does it matter?

To ensure compliance with regulatory standards, many companies rely on what’s called user provisioning. It refers to the creation, maintenance, and management of user rights and privileges when accessing resources in the organization’s internal and third-party systems. The tools and processes behind user provisioning are designed to ensure that user accounts are created, managed, and monitored throughout the user’s tenure in the organization.

Why are passwords important for businesses?

The latest research by NordPass shows that people still struggle to come up with strong passwords. 123456 remains the most popular password according to the 2021 report. Moreover, it is the top password in 43 countries out of the 50 analyzed. In addition, 84.5% of the top 200 most common passwords can be cracked in less than a second.
“This report has already alarmed a lot of cybersecurity experts. However, I think it should be incredibly alarming to businesses, too. Employees often bring the same lousy password habits to their workplaces. That’s why it’s incredibly important to set clear password policies and ensure that corporate accounts will be secured with something better than ‘password’ or ‘dolphin,’” says Gerald Kasulis, head of business and channel operations at NordPass.

Password Policy and User Provisioning are available now on the NordPass app.


NordPass is a password manager for both business and consumer clients. It’s powered by the latest technology for the utmost security. Developed with affordability, simplicity, and ease-of-use in mind, NordPass allows users to access passwords securely on desktop, mobile, and browsers. All passwords are encrypted on the device, so only the user can access them. NordPass was created by the experts behind NordVPN — the advanced security and privacy app trusted by more than 14 million customers worldwide. For more information:

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