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Now Odell Beckham Jr. says 'I'm not going anywhere' when asked about future with Browns

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Columnist

The Cleveland Browns were eliminated from playoff contention with their loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and there are reports that the team is sticking with in-over-his-head coach Freddie Kitchens. But something apparently happened over the past week or so because receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said on Wednesday he’s not going anywhere.

This comes a little more than a week after news that Beckham was telling some teams to “come get me.”

‘It’s just too special’

Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham said Wednesday he doesn't want to leave the team. (Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Speaking with media at the team facility, Beckham took a different tone than he did two weeks ago, when he said “no one knows what the future holds,” though he also said at the time, “I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.”

This week Beckham was smiling and making a convincing case that he doesn’t want to leave the Browns.


“It’s done; it’s old. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here,” he said. “We’ll figure this thing out. It’s just too special to leave. The Steelers, I heard that Jarvis [Landry] wanted to go to the Cardinals, and all these people — it’s just easy to talk about us. It’s a cop-out, I feel like. It’s an easy thing to do and cause a little controversy, a little friction. ...

“I’m going to be here. There’s nothing more to talk about. ... We’re going to be here. We’re going to do it again. What we felt like we would have been and correct all the little mistakes and all the if-he-would-have-did-this games. It’s just too good. I didn’t buy a house here to sell it.”

Beckham has started all 14 games for the Browns, with 67 catches for 910 yards and just two touchdowns. The 65 receiving yards per game is by far the lowest of his career.

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