UK markets open in 5 hours 51 minutes Reveals Generous Referral Program That Pays Out in DAI

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The program provides referrers with 5% of all fees their friend generates through premium features. Forever.

London, July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the decentralized finance platform for multiplying one’s profit exposure, has revealed its “Refer & Earn” Referral program for users to earn DAI whenever they invite a friend to and utilize the platform’s premium features.

With Refer & Earn, users can invite as many friends as they’d like. In return for those users signing up and taking advantage of the features, the initial referrer will earn a 5% share of all fees generated by their friend's use of premium features, paid out in DAI. This benefit isn’t timed, either, lasting as long as said friend continues to use the app.

Not only this, but referred users can claim back 5% of the fees they pay to, essentially earning a 5% forever-discount for joining the platform through their friend's recommendation.

For example, if I refer a friend who spends 100 in fees, I’ll receive 5 and he also receives 5, forever.

The referral process is simple. Users must head to the referral page and connect their wallet. From there, a user can generate a referral link and send it to a friend. The friend then connects their wallet and opts into the referral program. That’s it! From then onward, both parties will earn the aforementioned benefits.

“We’re beyond pleased to announce the launch of our referral program,” said CEO Chris Bradbury. “Not only will a referral program increase exposure to the platform and its many offerings, but it rewards users for getting their friends involved while providing a discount to those who take their friend’s word. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone!”


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