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OMG! You Can Now Get Birthday Cake Flavoured Baileys

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OMG! You Can Now Get Birthday Cake Flavoured Baileys

Baileys has to be one of the most delicious drinks out there. It’s creamy, boozy and indulgent. And that’s just the original flavour. Don’t get us started on all the wonderful flavours of Baileys on offer or we’ll never stop prattling on – from apple pie and red velvet to pina colada and pumpkin spice – every version of Baileys is da bomb.

So, when we heard there was a new flavour for us to get riled up about, we got, well, riled up.

We first discovered Birthday Cake Baileys when we spotted it on @newfoodsuk’s Instagram page.

According to the caption on the photo, you can pick up this dreamy cake flavoured beverage at Heathrow airport. But, alas, we’ve not seen in in any UK shops apparat from that. So, it looks like we’re booking a flight from Heathrow just so we can stock up on this bad boy.

Birthday Cake Baileys is described as “a perfect boozy dessert, especially to celebrate you or someone you love! Baileys is now your perfect complement to celebrate your birthday get togethers! Forget plates, all you need is a glass. Celebrate birthdays with your friends and family the right way. Now there is a grown-up way to ‘cut the cake’ with friends.”

And the best way to enjoy it is served over ice. But we’re wondering if pouring it over ice cream or using it to make iced coffees, truffles and fudge wouldn’t be a great option too.

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