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One Thing Xolo Meridueña Loved About Cobra Kai That Made Him Nervous About Starring In Blue Beetle

 Miguel in Cobra Kai
Miguel in Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai star Xolo Maridueña ultimately joined the DC universe and became Jaime Reyes in Blue Beetle, but making the decision to join the franchise wasn't as easy as one might think. The star recently confessed in an interview that there was one element about playing a superhero that made him more nervous, and it tied back to something he loves about being a part of his Netflix series.

As people continue to brainstorm ways Jaime Reyes can remain involved in the DC Universe despite the Blue Beetle's disappointing box office numbers, Xolo Maridueña explained why he felt nervous about taking the role in the first place. The actor told Variety that he worried about the amount of work he'd have to do in front of a green screen, and he explained how that wasn't something he had to do on the set of Cobra Kai:

I didn’t consider myself as someone who shines in a space where I had to do a lot of imagining. With ‘Cobra Kai,’ I love that we get to do the stunts and be immersed in the world, but with this movie, we were on a green screen for like two days. So much of it was tangible.


Fortunately, Xolo Maridueña didn't have to work with a green screen all that often on the DC movie. This allowed him to lean into the more physical aspects of playing Jaime Reyes and, as he said, feel more "immersed" in the world of Blue Beetle. It's good to hear he was comfortable in the role, and he was able to work in a practical way, like they do on Cobra Kai.

For Blue Beetle and Cobra Kai fans who aren't aware, the actors on the show do karate training and their fight scenes on the series. Doing so has inadvertently led to some injuries, but as Xolo Maridueña said, it helps him and others stay immersed in the story. I could see how that works if I was taking kicks and chops that feel like I'm in a real fight!

Unfortunately, the ride for Cobra Kai fans with a Netflix subscription will be coming to an end soon. The series is preparing for its final season and wrapping up its story in a way that will bring its biggest characters to the grand stage of an international karate championship. It's looking like a major setup for the series to go out with a bang, at least on Netflix.

As of writing, there are still plans for a new Karate Kid movie, though it seemingly has no connection to the successful Netflix series. Ralph Macchio and others have had plenty of questions about the upcoming movie, but thus far, we haven't gotten a lot of answers as to what it will be or what it's connected to. The project was recently delayed until December 2024, so we'll have to wait for more answers on that, and who may be involved. Considering Maridueña's new role in the DC Universe, it will be interesting to see if he comes back for the Karate Kid film as Miguel.

Cobra Kai is available to stream on Netflix right now, and Blue Beetle will arrive on VOD Tuesday, September 19. Be ready to see Xolo Maridueña in a new way, and keep your fingers crossed his character fits into DC's future.