Less turkey, more shopping: Online retailers expect busiest Christmas Day yet

Boxing Day sales have been brought forward to 25th December due to increased online demand

Instead of drinking port with Aunty or over-indulging in front of the TV, more people are spending Christmas Day shopping online for bargains. 

Amazon has confirmed it’s now bringing its Boxing Day sale forward to 25th December due to customer demand. 

The online retailer is expecting its busiest Christmas Day yet, as purchases have increased by more than fivefold over the past five years. Orders are expected to peak at 8.32pm – just as the EastEnders’ Christmas special will get underway.

As many other high street retailers started sales before Christmas Day, shoppers will be able to pick up bargains from a range of shops, including Marks and Spencer, House of Fraser, Gap and Office. 

But on top of bagging bargains for themselves, many will still be doing last-minute shopping for others on the 25th, according to Amazon.

“Christmas Day is our biggest day of the year for MP3 downloads and Kindle book purchases as people look to enjoy the new devices they have received on Christmas morning straightaway,” said Christopher North, managing director at Amazon.

“By the evening, customers are ready to get a head start on their sales shopping with everything from home essentials to fashion to big ticket technology proving popular.”

The Amazon sale will start at 8am on Christmas Day and run until 31st December. It will include clearance offers and ‘Lightning Deals’ – limited quantity, limited time discounts. Select digital Cameras, smartphones and LCD TVs will be discounted throughout the week.