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OPINION - How to be a CEO podcast: How to use LinkedIn with VP Josh Graff

LinkedIn EMEA & LATAM MD, Josh Graff (LinkedIn )
LinkedIn EMEA & LATAM MD, Josh Graff (LinkedIn )

Josh Graff is Linkedin's MD for EMEA and LATAM.

He joined the company 11 years ago, and has seen it evolve into one of the biggest, and most influential platforms in the world.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is the perfect LinkedIn Profile?

  • How the site's changed over the last decade

  • The work they're doing to be "an equaliser" for opportunity regardless of background

  • Why, as a member of the LGBT+ community, Josh felt he “didn’t belong” in business

  • How coming out “made work a Hell of a lot more fun”

  • How LinkedIn users changed their thinking during the lockdown.

  • Can posting job salaries on vacancies make a difference?

  • What’s next for LinkedIn

  • What’s the definition of happiness?

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