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Pandemic property moves: Is there anyone who hasn’t considered moving since you last saw them IRL?

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 (Matt Writtle)
(Matt Writtle)

Is there anyone who hasn’t moved — or at least seriously considered it — since you last saw them IRL?

Among the many evils of enforced WFH was the office chat dry spell. Life updates are subject to a harsher edit over slack compared to, say, blurted out on a coffee run, pre-Covid.

With the great office return, even in part, comes content. And it seems everyone and their neighbour has taken a long, hard look at their home set-up and found it wanting.

There are the millions of stamp duty holiday beneficiaries, of course, the opportunistic upsizers, the race-for-spacers and those who’ve jumped at the chance of a lifestyle swap - even if it means commuting from the Outer Hebrides three days a week. But it’s not just the deposit-rich who have been on the move.

Our office, for one, is filled with tales of rental hurdles overcome during the pandemic: housemates moving out unexpectedly, moving in with partners, leaving now-exes, negotiating a reduction - or securing the Zone 1 flat of dreams with a Zone 3 price tag.

One friend’s house share in Lewisham was listed for sale so he’s found himself in a new one in Clapham. And, while he’s left the location out of updates to his edgy art crowd, he has been able to stay within reach of central - many haven’t.

Room rents are on the up again and, while you’ve missed the rental lows of December 2020, prices aren’t yet at the dizzying heights of this time two years ago.

Now’s the time to get your foot back in the door if you can, the big address reveal can come later.

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